Young Space Explorers

Young Space Explorers Activities 

Specific activities during the day that students can choose to be part of;

  • Special guest presentations including Australian Space Agency
  • Space Expo – Displays from universities, industry, schools, TAFE and the Australian Space Agency
  • Bottle Rocket Physics Challenge – Presented by ‘Its Rocket Science’
  • Space Science Inquiry Activities – Presented by ‘Fizzics Education’
    • Learn how gravity can bend spacetime and its implications for planetary orbits, gravitational lensing and GPS
    • Discover how light is used to investigate stars, galaxies & black holes
    • Investigate the forces in spinning objects and how they affect axial precession of planets through to spacecraft orientation
    • Test the heat insulation properties of a space shuttle tile and learn more about material science on station
  • Robotics workshop – presented by ‘Monash University Nova Rover Team)
    • Presentation on rovers for the moon and mars
    • Demonstration of the Nova Rover – Placed second in the world in 2022
    • Mini rover workshop
  • Hands-on interaction with the flight hardware from Australia’s SCRAMSPACE scramjet flight experiment
  • University satellite, planetary science, artificial intelligence and lunar rover demonstrations